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“In the Aosta Valley runners have no excuses, they must be strong”, comments Thomas Lokomwa, Kenyan élite athlete who, sadly, passed away at the end of last summer. His extraordinary running talent placed him on number 17 at the world’s road running ranking as, finishing half marathon with the time of under 61’ for 4 times, he proved to be one of the greatest among running élite.

One of Thomas’s dreams was to organize a training camp under his name in order to allow professional growth of talented young athletes in the Aosta Valley.

Thomas loved our region because it was able to provide him with an ideal environment to train at altitude, without any regrets of not training on the beautiful dirt roads of the Highlands of his land, Naivasha Lake region in Kenya. He demonstrated that our local territories have an enormous potential, not fully exploited yet, therefore, the optimal training grounds for runners of all levels- from beginners to professional athletes.

Bearing Thomas’s words and thoughts in mind, with a huge desire to honour the memory of a great champion, T.T.S srl would like to present the first AOSTA VALLEY RUNNING CAMP dedicated to THOMAS JAMES LOKOMWA. It is a completely new and innovative initiative in the field of tourism and sports, which the company is specialized in at the local level, as well as an outstanding idea of educational and sports activities related to the world of running athletes, both amateurs and professionals.

All the activities are organized by T.T.S. srl, which teamed up with local companies and operators, choosing the valley of Saint-Barthélemy to be the place of the events.

The official presentation of the project will take place on THURSDAY March 2nd at 11:00 am at the Council Chamber of the City of Nus (Aosta).

Thomas Lokomwa - Stramilano 2015
Thomas Lokomwa – Stramilano 2015

The main objective of the Running Camp presented by T.T.S. is to satisfy the needs as well as increasing demands, unfortunately unable to be met by any of the offers in regional tourism, of a new type of active tourist and professional athlete, who looks forward to training for major competitive events taking place in the middle of unspoiled nature, where you can run on rough terrain enjoying scenery and unique landscapes.

Thanks to this offer, T.T.S. wishes to highlight the extraordinary characteristics of the terrain of the Aosta Valley, which can support the field of sports tourism in other periods of the year than just winter season. Running Camp activities must, indeed, be carried out during the summer months as they require a location containing certain essential features in order for the Camp to be successful. T.T.S has managed to detect the right types of places within our region, which are particularly suitable for the preparation of athletics as well as road racing. This can also be the way to expand the target for professional trail and mountain runners, who already know and appreciate what Aosta Valley has to offer.

The beautiful and sun exposed open area of St-Barthélemy Valley has been undoubtedly the first and the best choice to host the first Aosta Valley Running Camp, planned for summer 2017.

With the aim of creating synergy and network in the territory, T.T.S. srl will collaborate with various local facilities that have already shown a great enthusiasm for the project, and who prepared special accommodation offers for participants in the Running Camp. The length of the race internship may vary from one week or few days to a simple weekend depending on the demand of the participants.

Main activities, organized and coordinated by T.T.S., will consist of morning and afternoon training sessions accompanied by Italian and foreign professional athletes, including Xavier Chevrier from Aosta Valley, interspersed with theoretical sessions conducted by experts on topics related to the theory of workout, nutrition, integration, video analysis of the racers, supplemented by the possibility of discussion with elite Kenyan athletes.

Chiara Raso e Thomas Lokomwa - Stralugano 2015
Chiara Raso e Thomas Lokomwa – Stralugano 2015

In memory of an extraordinary champion of road running Lokomwa, the “Running Camp Valle Aosta Valley” wishes to be seen as an opportunity for emerging Kenyan athletes to provide them with another alternative to benefit from in Europe, apart from well known competitive sports events.

The presence of Kenyan athletes at the Running Camp raises the quality level of training sessions unquestionably and, at the same time, creates the right opportunity to share with them both technical (types and running cadence of different weekly training sessions, loading and unloading times during the year, nutrition and supplementation) as well as cultural and traditional daily routine of every runner.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the presentation of a project.

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